Our Services


  • With our top of the line pick-up trucks we collect used paper from your doorstep.
  • Our collection services are carried out all over Oman without any delay as & when our high valued clients call us.
  • We collect used paper/ documents and ensure its safety & confidentiality from this point onwards.

Processing / Shredding

  • Collected used paper & documents are transported to our warehouse in Mabella Industrial area.
  • Our state of the art heavy duty industrial shredding machines can process a large of amount of paper at any given point of time reducing the time required for the process.
  • In order to ensure client satisfaction, we can carry out the entire shredding process in the presence of a representative from our clients.


  • With our own heavy duty writing/printing recycling paper mill over sea’s we recycle white grade paper for its reuse thereby reducing the usage of new paper.
  • Other grades of paper are also shipped to our recycling paper mill which undergoes the entire process for it to be reused again.
  • Recycling of used papers & documents is our core & main service provided.

Saving your time & money

  • We help many institutions, corporates & government offices save a lot of their time money & effort in the disposal of used paper.
  • We offer the self-satisfaction of doing your bit as an organization to curb the usage of paper.
  • All of this is done by ensuring & also giving our clientele assurity that their documents are securely shredded/destroyed & processed.


  • Each day, businesses and individuals generate materials containing sensitive information which could have costly repercussions without proper handling. To avoid incurring unnecessary storage charges and legal fines it is very helpful to have a legally complaint, cost effective means of destroying this information once its required retention period has been met. Confidential document shredding is the way forward.
  • The shredding services we offer are completely flexible designed to fit comfortably with our client’s needs. We understand that when it comes to a business, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works, which is why we are happy to provide a flexible service that aims to accommodate each and every one of our client’s needs. To help make our services more accessible to large scale businesses we have a range of secured wagons and Lorries to accommodate bulk requirements

We help our clients with self-satisfaction that they have done their bit in order to save Mother Earth one tree at a time

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